Sulasol in Brief

History and members

At the beginning of 20th century, society was still divided into very distinct groups that were not particularly willing to cooperate. When a cultural or sports organization was formed, it affiliated with one of these groups. As a result, today’s amateur music is divided into four associations: the labor force, Finland’s Swedish-speaking population and the Lutheran church each have an association of their own. Sulasol, established in 1922, is open to everyone as a non-aligned association. In addition, folk music and pop/contemporary music’s various areas have their own organizations.

Sulasol’s members include about 350 choirs and 20 orchestras, mostly wind orchestras. Male choirs, women’s choirs, mixed and youth choirs, as well as orchestras each form their own sub-associations. In addition, the country is divided regionally into 17 parts.


Most notable, however, are the activities in which Sulasol is involved. From the very first years, Sulasol has acted as music publisher. The number of publications currently exceeds 1.000, including three collections containing 250 songs for mixed choir. Sulasol’s music service also assists in the planning of repertoire, as well as representing the music of foreign publishers.

Sulasol publishes a magazine, which is conveniently titled ‘Sulasol’. It appears five times a year and its distribution of about 11,000 distinguishes it as one of the largest music magazines in Finland.

Beyond Sulasol’s publishing and publicity functions, its most notable activity is education. Sulasol and its sub-associations organize for their members and directors various educational courses, which are also available regionally. Sulasol collaborates with institutions providing instruction in choral conducting and also with the country’s only university-level musical institution, the Sibelius Academy.


Sulasol offers to its members a wide variety of services, from scholarships and concert programme planning to reviews and information on foreign festivals and competitions.

Every five years, Sulasol organizes a festival for amateur musicians, continuing a tradition of over 100 years. Choral competitions have been held in connection with the festivals. The last festival was held in May 2017 in Hämeenlinna.

Sulasol is involved in many different ways in the activities and daily events of Finnish music life. We want to emphasize the fact that amateur music is an essential part of our country’s music life. At the same time, we try to bridge the gap that so easily forms between the professional and amateur music worlds.

International contacts

SULASOL, or its sub-associations, are members of the following international organizations:


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